After a very busy and successful upstart, Telling & Nesager presents two new partners, adding further areas of expertise and specialisation to their hospitality industry consultancy services.

Stronger focus on Asset & Property Management

martin-dyrholm-sh-baggrundMartin Dyrholm has joined the team at TN Asset & Property Management where he will assume responsibility for the development of our rapidly growing market for real estate, including the identification of land for development as well as properties suitable for conversion into hotels. He will furthermore be responsible for the identification and qualification of hotel operators as well as conducting feasibility studies, etc.

Martin has over 25 years of experience within the industry and has extensively dealt with the management, operation and innovation of hotels both nationally and internationally. He has furthermore worked with transactions, leasing and the development of properties in partnership with recognised commercial brokers.

“I am greatly looking forward to heading an area that is rapidly developing throughout Scandinavia. Gaining the opportunity to do so alongside such experienced professionals only makes the challenge even more exciting,” states Martin Dyrholm.

New shared service department

Klaus Revsbech

As a new initiative, Telling & Nesager has launched a Shared Service department, which will offer central service functions aimed at individual hotels and hotel chains that recognise the opportunities of outsourcing. In this context, TN Financial Services has been launched, which will be headed by Klaus Revsbech as the responsible partner. The department will offer services within all finance functions relevant to the industry, including accounting, customer and vendor management, electronic document management, payroll management, and the preparation of regular reports that include industry-specific comments and suggestions for improvement.

Klaus is a qualified accountant and has worked with financial controls and management for nearly 30 years, including 15 years within the hotel industry. He has extensive experience and understanding of hotel operation, both in relation to individual hotels and hotel chains as well as an appreciation of the challenges faced by all hotels in the industry.

“I have a passion for the hotel industry and have over the years developed a number of tools to ensure a strong and efficient financial follow-up, which is vital for the success of a hotel. I look forward to implementing and promoting this together with the rest of Telling & Nesager team”, says Klaus Revsbech.

“We are extremely pleased that we have been able to attract two such major industry capacities,” says partner Preben Nesager, adding, “Our basic values include excellence and integrity, and both areas are significantly strengthened by the accession of the two new partners. We look forward to the partnership,” Nesager concludes.