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– your direct gateway to promotion and sales in Scandinavia

TN Sales Services is your guarantee of the strongest representation on the Scandinavian market – with targeted action plans and activities that offer the best opportunity to strengthen your position in the Nordic region.

Our experts are leaders within their fields and provide a solid network, in-depth industry insight and local cultural knowledge in addition to years of experience in sales and marketing within the international hotel market. This gives you a decisive edge in your contact with new potential partners and customers in the Nordic countries.

TN Sales Services will empower you to become a player on the Scandinavian market and to add Scandinavia as a destination to your home market.

TN Sales Services is aimed at four and five-star international hotels and hotel chains.

TN Sales Services provides:

  • A customised action and activity plan for representation in Scandinavia
  • Identifying and contacting potential partners and customers in Scandinavia – to present the hotel/hotel chain on the market and establish a dialogue with the aim of increasing awareness and business
  • Planning of events and fam-trips
  • Daily sales activities and marketing initiatives (including sales calls, direct mail and newsletters)
  • Updates on developments and trends
  • Access to research and market analysis
  • Monthly reporting

We also convey contact to:

  • Corporate travel agents
  • Corporate clients and their in-house agents
  • Luxury leisure agents
  • Corporate event organisers
  • Conference organisers and planners
  • Personal assistants with the Top 500 companies in Scandinavia
  • Entertainment agents
  • Lifestyle companies

TN Sales Services are founded on:

Experience and expertise

Knowledge is our most important tool. We draw on more than 30 years of international experience in B2B sales development and marketing and know the high-end market like few others. In addition, we are among the only consultants in the Nordic region offering tailored sales services specifically aimed at exclusive hotels and hotel chains.

Networking and dialogue

Maintaining good and close contact is crucial for our working cooperation and we place great emphasis on nurturing and bringing into play our strong local network. We are always easy to reach – via email and phone.

Cultural understanding and skills

We are familiar with Scandinavian culture from close quarters and know what the different Nordic customer segments require and prefer when travelling. This enables us to give you balanced advice on a highly qualified basis and to target our market actions.

Creativity and innovation

Your success is our goal. And we are not afraid of thinking out of the box to achieve it. We are recognised within the industry as people who dare think creatively in new and different ways.

Developments and trends

The travel industry is in constant motion. We take great pride in keeping ourselves updated on new developments and trends through different media and channels so we can share our knowledge with you on what drives the Nordic markets.


Prices are calculated based on an individual needs assessment.


TN Sales Services
Tel. +45 7070 7780
E-mail: info@TellingNesager.com