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The hospitality industry’s greatest asset has always been and will always remain the staff. In recognition of this, Telling & Nesager provides recruitment services and training programs for existing staff members.

The training programs are most often preceded by a preliminary operational and quality evaluation, ensuring that recommendations are as specific as possible and relevant to the business.

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Mette has worked throughout her career within HR and recruitment and has extensive experience within outplacement, career planning and leadership development, etc. Additionally, she has in recent years taught classes on such subjects as extended DiSC profile certification, skill tests and team analysis. Mette has just the right background to lead TN Manpower & Training.

After Mette had completed her Bachelor Degree in HR Management, she started at Maersk Data as a HR consultant. She then held the position as Recruitment Lead at the Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen before working for Netkoncept and Acta Asset Management. In 2008, she founded an independent company, Arnold & Ulv, where she provides such services as personnel administration and recruitment as well as serving as an interim HR manager for selected customers.

Besides being Telling & Nesager’s HR expert, Mette’s heart also beats for charitable causes in relation to outplacement and job search assistance, among other. She is also as a supporter and active volunteer at Rhodes Animal Welfare Society and Inge’s Kattehjem (cat shelter).



Optimise your organisation to nurture the kind of motivational, ready-for-change and people-oriented work culture that will help maintain your frontrunner position in the hospitality industry.

Whether seeking to recruit a new general manager, a whole managerial team or new players for your existing executive body, we will help identify qualified candidates based on our extensive industry network and our wide-ranging recruitment experience.


Raising the skills level of your organisation will help ensure productivity and efficiency as well as help retain and attract the best human resources on the market. You may already have identified a need for skills advancement – perhaps on the basis of our comprehensive quality and guest experience analyses.

Our tailored training courses will ensure that your staff is equipped to deliver the improvements you expect. The training is offered either by ourselves or by selected partners who specialise in this area.


Create optimal synergy and build a strong team spirit in your organisation. Avoid silo mentality and promote a shared sense of ownership and commitment through promoting a better understanding of people and guest experiences. We help staff teams achieve their full potential based on our many years of experience and by applying effective and relevant analytical tools and developing personalised profiles.

Newly appointed management teams, executive boards and other teams can benefit from identifying their strengths, imbalances and shared consensus, thus encouraging common ground and building motivation. Focused team development can also make a marked difference for established teams when it comes to team spirit, work satisfaction and unique results.


Strengthen your organisation and industry reputation by ensuring all HR processes are handled with a high level of expertise, not least such sensitive issues as resignations and redundancies.

We offer personalised career counselling based on our extensive knowledge of people, markets, communications and networks. If you regrettably have to let go of a treasured employee, we can assist in making this transition as smooth and painless as possible. With respect for individuality, we help open the right doors and nurture optimism and opportunities.


Gain an easy grip on recruitment. Avoid the time-consuming procedures of human resource management. Let us handle the administrative tasks of e.g. employment contracts as well as salary and vacation management for all your employees.

Other services include advice on employee care, collective bargaining and labour relations. We also offer access to state-of-the-art administrative IT systems. In addition, we assist with appraisal interviews, outplacement and offer team development seminars.


Your organisation deserves highly skilled HR management aiming to achieve a dedicated and motivated team that can meet everyday challenges with a high degree of efficiency. In dialogue, we will identify your needs for personnel-related activities and HR services.

We offer our advice, industry related expertise, proven concepts and effective coaching skills to the extent required and priced accordingly.


With our performance mentoring service, you are ensured the best possible terms for success. You will enjoy the benefits of our effective and insightful coaching to help you achieve the focus, energy and drive that can take your career to the new heights it deserves. Just as within sports, the aim is to optimise and value achievements, merits and competencies.

Through a short and intensive coaching session, we will help you open your eyes to opportunities and career optimisation. In addition, you will benefit from an analysis of your personal potential to identify visionary career changes and quantum leaps.

Executive Search

Please contact Mette Ravn Arnold for more information and hotel job openings in Copenhagen and Scandinavia.


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