Are you considering outsourcing your IT and engineering tasks to ensure operative stability and access to necessary skills? Then TN IT & TECHNICAL SUPPORT is the solution for you.

Raw IT

Raw IT started with an ambition of supplying IT consultancy to companies that either did not have the necessary in-house skills or simply wanted to outsource the tasks. Today, we comprise a strong team of specialised experts who are ready to assist you with all kinds of tasks, large or small, within hospitality IT and technical solutions.



We offer the opportunity to outsource your operations and IT support to a partner with unique knowledge of the industry and a professional appreciation of the high demands of operating a business 24 hours a day. With many years of industry experience, we are just the right partner.


We are available around the clock. As one of the few providers in the industry, we offer support at all hours all year round, which means that your systems are always fully covered by our support teams.


There is nothing more annoying than bad WiFi. Today, we are all constantly online and expect speedy access wherever we go. However, there are still hospitality providers on the market struggling to deliver fast and stable WiFi, which means they lose customers or are indeed completely ignored by potential customers when booking rooms or making table reservations.

Simply ask for our advice when you need WiFi. With RAW WiFi, you are sure of a solution that delivers a fast and stable internet connection to your guests.


The world of hotel TV has changed and guests now expect to enjoy access to streaming content – or use screen mirroring – via their tablet, mobile or laptop directly to the TV in their room.

With our TV solution, guests can stream – or establish screen mirroring – their own preferred content, such as Netflix, HBO, Viasat. This is a huge plus for the guest as well as a plus for you, allowing you to experience happy and satisfied guests while saving on the cost of expensive TV channels.


Make sure the digital signage is always optimal and customised to the current needs of your guests. Besides creating a unique experience for your customers, you also gain an obvious upselling opportunity.


Save time by letting our consultants manage your IT projects and plans. Our consultants are certified and offer years of experience in managing projects for numerous clients.

We can handle most IT tasks, but have particularly strong capacities in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure, hardware and software
  • Remodelling and renovation of hotels
  • PMS & POS systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Operation optimisation
  • IT security
  • WiFi


Does your staff operate your PMS and POS systems optimally? Do you know all the possibilities for customising the systems to your wishes and needs?

We give great emphasis to offering rewarding teaching process. Our consultants are certified in OPERA (PMS and S&C) as well as MICROS. Training in the use of these systems can mean a world of difference in how efficiently your staff utilises the systems. We offer system configuration to optimise workflows, allowing you to dedicate more time to guest contact.


Avoid data loss with our backup system. Loss of electronic data costs both time and money. Online backup ensures that your data is securely stored and safe. The system is easy to use and only requires the installation of a small application on your computer as well as an internet connection.


If your server room is packed with servers then you can save greatly on costs for power and cooling as well as hardware upgrades every third year by using our high-security modern data centre, allowing you to dedicate more time to your guests.


How well is your business protected against cyber threats? With Bitdefender, your company is protected against viruses and malware.

Bitdefender has been ranked the best antivirus program for several consecutive years and for good reason. Subjected to a range of tests, Bitdefender comes out on top every time. All your computers and servers will be optimally secured without using much CPU power.

We offer our Bitdefender solution to businesses regardless of size – either through our cloud-based or on-premise solutions.


How well is your business protected against cyber threats? Do you continuously assess the company’s risk level? And are your IT security processes fully implemented and rooted in the organisation so your business is adequately protected from data fraud?


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