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Are you considering investing in either new hospitality construction or taking over an existing property in Scandinavia? Are you a property owner seeking the most suitable operator? Or are you looking for a fresh approach to
new financing opportunities?

With many years of experience in the Scandinavian market, Telling & Nesager is the obvious partner when seeking investment and financing in the hospitality sector.

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TN Asset & Property Management is headed by John Ankjær. He has 30 years of experience in the service and experience economy where he has held managerial and financial responsibility for operations and innovation at many different companies within the hotel and experience industry. In addition, he has worked for 9 years with counselling, interim operations, assessments, transactions, rental and development.

John Ankjær is an accountant by profession but has been active within the hotel and experience industry since 1987. He has many years of experience from industry positions, including that of general manager for individual hotels, and for almost 10 years he has been employed as an executive manager at Scandic in charge of several hotels in the Group.

John Ankjær has held the position as the CEO of Atletion A/S, which was previously the operator of Aarhus Stadium and Ceres Arena. He has in several instances also been self-employed within the hotel industry, including ownership of Hotel Ritz in Aarhus and Aarhus Hotel Guldsmeden.

At Colliers International, John Ankjær undertook the provision of specialised solutions within purchase-sales-rent assessment management and additionally handled the franchise of hotel properties in Denmark. For the past 9 years, he has been a part of Nordic Hotel Consulting as a Senior Consultant in hotel consulting, assessments, analysis, interim operations, etc.

John Ankjær works from offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen.



Are you seeking a valuation of your current hotel property or are you looking for a long-term partnership in asset valuation?

Working with local property owners and banks, Telling & Nesager offers extensive experience and knowledge on asset valuation on the Scandinavian market.


Telling & Nesager works closely with the world’s leading hotel operators, in particular those based in Scandinavia.

The company ensures that clients enjoy the best possible start on their hospitality venture by helping to identify the ideal operator for their property and assisting them with contract negotiations.


Feasibility studies and market analyses are valuable tools used by clients seeking to enter the Scandinavian markets. Such analyses ensure that their foundation for decision-making is as complete and detailed as possible.

Telling & Nesager bases its recommendations on market, competitor, trend and target group analyses. The company also offers sound advice on the organisational set-up and the launch and execution of new hospitality projects.

Telling & Nesager also provides advice on advantageous locations for hospitality ventures and assists with the identification of opportunities in close partnership with established specialised consultants.


Are you seeking to purchase or sell a hotel property in either the short or long term? Telling & Nesager offers advice on the best approach, including recommendations on choice of partners.

The company also provides advice to banks etc. in relation to the repossession of hotel properties and on how to best achieve a return on investment.


Are you looking to strengthen your asset management in Scandinavia? Or are you perhaps seeking a professional representative on the Scandinavian market?

Telling & Nesager offers consultancy within asset management that employs a systematic, strategic approach, providing full advice on how to gain the best return on your investment, while developing a maintenance plan for your property and safeguarding assets.


When acquiring property and/or establishing a subsidiary in Scandinavia, Telling & Nesager gives assistance in conducting due diligence, which will be undertaken in close collaboration with specialist partners.


Are you seeking to expand your activities on the Scandinavian market, or are you looking to refinance your existing portfolio?


Are you seeking a general optimisation of operations, or perhaps an interim management solution for the short or long term?  Telling & Nesager offers to analyse the potential of your business and can also assume operational responsibility, including the recruitment of a general manager.


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