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TN Financial Services gives you access to the market’s most complete accounting solution
– with services that are far superior to standard accounting practice.

We take care of everything from bookkeeping and debt management to offering you
monthly performance feedback, recommendations and regular expert coaching, all while we keep your accounting expenses to a minimum.

In short: With TN Financial Services, you gain an entire finance department for the price of an accountant.

Tel +45 3063 4181

Klaus Revsbech is our partner in TN Financial Services. With his background as an auditor, Klaus has for a number of years held various executive positions at several international corporations, including the positions as Group Financial Manager and Chief Financial Officer. For the past 15 years, he has mainly offered his services within the hotel industry where his extensive industry-specific experience, providing efficient and targeted financial management, has made him one of the most experienced capacities within the field. It is this expertise and experience that our TN Financial Services customers enjoy access to, and which will contribute positively to their success.

Klaus Revsbech is an accountant by profession and for the first years of his lengthy career he mainly worked for Deloitte.

Then followed a number of exciting years working for such large international corporations as Time / System, Mattel Toys, Toycity.com and the mailbox / package mailbox company ME|FA where his responsibilities included the implementation of a new ERP system and the development of the accounting function, including budgeting, forecasting, reporting and consolidation. He was also responsible for the logistics and sales management, including demand forecasting. Finally, Klaus headed the establishment of a data warehouse for the product management of eight markets as well as the establishment of the BI system in addition to organising the outsourcing of IT.

In 2001, Klaus entered the hotel industry and initially held responsibility for the implementation and management of the finance function for the establishment of Nordic Choice Hotels as a hotel chain in Denmark with over 20 hotels and 5 property companies.

He then joined Guldsmeden Hotels where he held responsibility for the corporation’s approx. 20 legal entities within hotel operation, property management and construction.

Drawing on his extensive experience and competence within the service and hospitality industry, Klaus established the company CFO-DK in 2014, which acts as a shared-service accounting function for a number of hotel companies, allowing them to achieve highly-qualified financial management and advisory services on competitive terms. It is this company that now continues as part of TN Financial Services.


  • Daily updating of accounting records and reconciliations
  • Debtor accounts and payment reminders
  • Creditor accounts, including scanning of supplier invoices, reconciliation and preparation of payment proposals
  • Payroll management
  • Reporting
  • Result comments and recommendations
  • Project tasks (at extra cost)


Agreements are concluded with fixed monthly fees based on a needs analysis, which is carried out prior to the price estimate. Contact us for further information.

TN Financial Services is not just about numbers. Our solution is based on:

Expertise and experience

To us, your accounts are not just numbers to be moved around. We understand the industry better than most and know what it takes to create success.

Daily updates and system updates

Our solution is 100% electronic, which gives you a unique opportunity for daily updates and liberates you from Annex folders and physical archives.

Minimal costs

Skilled employees are hard to find and costly to maintain. We offer you an integrated accounting solution so you won’t have to worry about staff and office expenses, insurances, IT updates and holiday temps.

A close and professional dialogue

We know how important the personal touch is when handling your key figures. We provide daily online service and guarantee ongoing consultancy with short response times for emails and phone calls.

Confidentiality and security

Your trust is core to our business. Naturally, all information of technical, commercial and financial nature is kept strictly confidential. All hosting is done through ScanNet, which is a leading webhosting provider that maintains high safety standards. Furthermore, we have access to the best NAV consultants in the industry.


PARTNER, TN Financial Services
Mobil: +45 3063 4181
E-mail: Klaus@TellingNesager.com