Communication is about telling the right story, with the right message
– to the right audience

Although providing good communication isn’t rocket science, it does require insight, a sharp approach,
thoroughness, a solid strategy and efficient execution. Our mission is to make communication simple
and ensure that our customers are seen, heard and understood.


Communications strategy

A communications strategy is based on classic communications tools, such as company goals, positioning and audience analysis, but also requires an appreciation of emerging trends.
We follow the emerging trends in the hotel and hospitality industries closely, and based on your brand concept, we will develop a communications strategy that ensures impact both internally and externally, regardless of whether your brand is to be launched, strengthened or reimagined.

PR & Events

A good PR strategy is no longer just about telling a good story. Every day, millions of posts are shared on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. What others say about you has far more impact than what you communicate about yourself. We follow the media landscape closely, and through our professional networking and with our experience in sharp reporting, we know just how your story needs to be told, whom to reach, and which channels to use.

Media training

Media performance requires pointed messages and maximising the limited time at your disposal. Whether you as a company are facing a critical TV interview or are commenting on your annual performance to the business press, it is crucial that the company’s spokesperson performs credibly, professionally, and retains ownership of the story. We provide insight into the rules of the media game and into reporting methods. And will also provide you with necessary training in communication and interview techniques.

Social media strategy

The strength of social media is that you as a business get closer to the customers. You meet them wherever they may be and achieve more direct communication. As with all good communication, social media requires a well-defined focus group and relevant messages. We will assist you in developing a strategy and creating the framework as well as developing content.

Press releases

A bad press release will be routed directly to the electronic waste bin. A sharp and targeted press release, on the other hand, helps communicate your message to the right audience and makes your brand noticeable. With over 10 years of experience in handling press releases and newsletters, we know what works. And our first question will always be: What makes your story interesting?


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