Telling & Nesager possesses an impressive amount of operational knowledge and understanding which I personally look forward to tapping into.

Karim Nielsen, CEO, Brøchner Hotels

The recruitment of the best leaders are an important part of our success. Telling & Nesager knows alle the shakers and movers of our industry

Peter Schelde, CEO, Comwell Hotels

We are always on the lookout for interesting hotel property investment opportunities and to us Telling & Nesager are the ideal partners to help us find those.

Allan L. Agerholm, Chief Hospitality Officer, BC Hospitality Group

Telling & Nesager are the quintessence of credibility and high morals. I can’t wait to be working with them

Asmund Haare, Chairman, First Hotels

Telling & Nesager have many years of hospitality experience and they have both delivered numerous impressive and creative results within our industry – now they are together!

Jens Mathiesen, Managing Director, Scandic Danmark


Turn-key project including:

    • Market and feasibility studies as well as development of concept.
    • Negotiations with all involved parties including authorities, land owner, developers, architects and other suppliers and partners.
    • Recruitment of all staff.
    • Development of go-to-market strategy
    • Pre-opening assistance as well as initial operations

Refurbishment and opening project including:

  • Development of feasibility study and concept.
  • Due Dilligence.
  • Planning and execution of total refurbishment.
  • Recruitment of all staff.
  • Development of go-to-market strategy.
  • Initial operations.
    • Development of concepts for meetings, spa and golf divisions.
    • Recruitment and training of all staff in the US and Denmark.
    • Development and execution of marketing strategy.
    • Developing a sales network with offices in Paris and Copenhagen.
    • Development and implementation of concepts for all departments and divisions.
    • Recruitment of all staff.
    • Development of go-to-market strategy.
    • Pre-opening assistance as well as initial operations.
    • Operational optimisation.
    • Training and education of all staff.
  • Negotiations of lease agreement as well as included refurbishment.
  • Due Dilligence.
  • Development of concept.
  • Execution of light refurbishment during operations.
  • Recruitment of management.
  • Development of quality and service standards for hotels in relation to C&IT tourism.
  • Development of concepts and standards for new European training center in Paris.