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Concept development and design are often underestimated by industry players approaching the Scandinavian market, although the most successful are generally those who have given careful consideration to both design and concept development from the very outset.

Telling & Nesager establishes the groundwork for the design process and offers ongoing advice in regards to the concept development of each individual product as well as the wider geographical context of the destination.

Concept Development

Telling & Nesager has adopted a method of concept development that is unique to the industry. The company brings a comprehensive approach to following the full process, from the initial conceptualisation through to the operational start-up of the venture. The company helps ensure that ideas and visions are adapted to the Scandinavian market and offer the highest level of success for your business.

Telling & Nesager tailors its services to individual requirements and needs, including determining the short and long-term goals of your venture based on market, trend and target group analyses as well as price positioning. The company defines the service concept as well as the level of service. It also develops USPs, proof of concept, SOPs, requirements for hardware and software, FF&E and SOE definitions and descriptions and offers active support during operational start-up as well as developing and undertaking sales, marketing and PR strategies.


Are you seeking to refurbish and/or reposition your hotel or restaurant?

Telling & Nesager delivers the essential expertise when refurbishing your hotel, including the management of tenders among construction consultants, interior designers and FF&E fulfilment specialists. Telling & Nesager also offers consultancy on the organisation and optimisation of the refurbishment project as well as on the minimisation of business disruption.

Destination Concepts

Telling & Nesager actively undertakes to help geographical regions become more attractive as destinations for investors in hotels, restaurants and tourism in general. The consultancy services range from analysing the opportunities the region offers as well as the obstacles in promoting tourism.

Furthermore, Telling & Nesager identifies concrete opportunities and negotiates with potential investors and operators.