whether you are considering new investment opportunities or seeking to re-conceptualise existing operations.

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Asset & Property Management

Are you considering investing in either new hospitality construction or taking over an existing property in Scandinavia? Are you a property owner seeking the most suitable operator? Or are you looking for a fresh approach to new financing opportunities?


Operations are the lifeblood of any hospitality company, yet they are also a constant source of concern. With a total of more than 50 years of combined experience within hospitality operations, Telling & Nesager offers consultancy on corporate decision-making, property assessment and operational optimisation.


The hospitality industry’s greatest asset has always been and will always remain the staff. In recognition of this, Telling & Nesager provides recruitment services and training programs for existing staff members.

The training programs are most often preceded by a preliminary operational and quality evaluation, ensuring that recommendations are as specific as possible and relevant to the business.


TN Sales Services is your guarantee for the strongest representation in the Scandinavian market – with targeted action plans and activities that give you the best opportunities to strengthen your position in the Nordic region. Our service is targeted at international hotels and hotel chains who see opportunities in the Scandinavian market.


TN Financial Services gives you access to the market’s most complete accounting solution with services superior to standard accounting practice. We handle everything from bookkeeping to the issuing of payment reminders, while providing monthly performance feedbacks, recommendations and regular expert coaching. All while we keep your accounting expenses to a minimum.


Are you considering outsourcing your IT and engineering tasks to ensure operative stability and access to necessary skills? Then Raw IT is the solution for you.

Raw IT has in just a short time made a marked impact on the market for specialised IT solutions within the hospitality industry and currently has customers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. All are served by a highly competent team with relevant IT background from the hotel industry


Concept development anddesignare often underestimated by industry players approaching the Scandinavian market, although the most successful are generally those who have given careful consideration to both design and concept development from the very outset.

Telling & Nesager establishes the groundwork for the design process and offers ongoing advice in regards to the concept development of each individual product as well as the wider geographical context of the destination.